Integrated Management Policy

Constellation's corporate strategy includes excellence in the provision of services relating to Oil and Gas activities, and the establishment of the Integrated Management System (IMS), based on the quality of the services, the integrity of the assets, environmental protection, and on occupational and operational health and safety.

To that end, we establish the following guidelines:

Prevent and control any adverse impacts on health, safety and the environment;

Comply with the legislation and other applicable requirements;

Conduct our business activities to meet the needs of the clients and stakeholders;

Obtain results that contribute towards the perpetuation and sustainability of the Company;

Seek a high level performance of the processes and activities at all times, ensuring that the operations are performed safety;

Work in an ethical and socially responsible manner;

Ensure the required resources in order to achieve the ongoing improvement of the IMS;

Satisfy the economic-financial expectations of the shareholders.


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